How to customize your sex doll to fit your needs

Owning a sex doll can be an amazing experience – not only can she satisfy your needs when you need them (like after a stressful day at work), but for many people, it’s a way to combat loneliness . It’s safe to say that everyone should consider buying one.

We’ve come a long way since the first sex doll – gone are the days when the only option available for those looking for an artificial companion was a blow-up doll, it looks like Looks more like a doll from a horror movie than a doll from a horror movie. wet dream.

Nowadays, they look so realistic that you might not even notice the difference between a real woman and a sex doll if the latter weren’t immobile. The best part of it? With so many customization options, you can be sure your love doll will look exactly like the woman of your dreams.

But how exactly do you customize your sex doll? What functions can be customized? Are there other ways to make your sex doll truly yours? You can find the answers to these questions and more in the article below.

How to customize your sex doll
The answer is simple – you need to find a sex doll company that allows you to add or change certain features to your liking. We are proud to say Silicon Wives is one of them. We have a variety of sex dolls available for you to customize, some of the most popular include:

Daisy – Daisy is our resident cowgirl; trust us, horses aren’t the only thing she loves to ride.
Lily – Lily is the perfect choice for those who like big boobs but want their women to be petite – she stands 4 feet 11 inches (148 cm) tall.
Cassandra – If when asked “boobs or ass” you say both, then Cassandra will be right up your alley – she has the best of both worlds.
So, when it comes to your sex doll, what are some things you can adjust to your liking? Below, you’ll find a list of customizable features:

Skin tone – Do you want your partner to be as white as Snow White, or do you want them to look like they just came back from a tropical vacation? In either case, you can achieve this with eight different skin tones.
Hair style – short hair? Long hair? natural color? Pink hair? You have twenty different hairstyles to choose from. You can also choose whether the hair is synthetic or human.
Eye Color – Do you prefer blue eyes or brown eyes? Or maybe you want your sex doll to have purple eye color and look amazing? Choose your favorite one.
Nipple size and color and labia color – From flesh to black, you can decide which nipple and labia color is best for your sex doll.
Nail Polish – Do you have a foot fetish and does wearing nail polish turn you on? With our customization options, you can choose the one you like to see the most.
Pubic Hair – Is your ideal woman shaved, or do you prefer a little hair? There are six different types of pubic hair to choose from, so no matter what, we’re sure you’ll find one you like.
Vagina – Would you like a removable vagina for easier cleaning? Or maybe it makes no difference to you and you don’t mind it being built in?
Body Paint Options – In this category you can choose whether you want your sex doll to have tan lines, freckles, veins and/or muscle contours.
PREMIUM UPGRADE – Want to make your sex doll more realistic? Add some of our advanced features. Features you can choose to add include a body temperature system, automatic vaginal sucking, a breathing system, a shrug, an enhanced mouth (for a better oral sex experience), or a moaning sound. You may also decide to make her more wobbly, or add an articulated hand bone, which will give her a better grip and ensure her hands last longer than they would without it.
Extras – This category deals with the extras you order besides the sex doll itself. For example, you can find here a hard storage case, a self-cleaning device or two different sizes of penis attachments.
What’s more, if you can’t find a doll that looks the way you want, even after selecting the correct customization option, you have the opportunity to order a fully custom doll that will be made according to the description you provide Make.

But please keep in mind that custom-made sex dolls are more expensive than the ones already on our site. It will also take longer to make, so be aware of that.

Other Ways to Customize Your Sex Doll
It’s one thing to customize your sex doll by giving it your favorite female features. However, not everyone has the funds to order a personalized doll – so are there other ways to make her feel more like yours without spending a ton of time? have!

First, you can give her makeup the way you like. Although the doll is usually already done, in most cases it is easily removed with a good quality makeup remover or baby oil. You can use any regular cosmetics available at drugstores – no matter what material your sex doll is made of, using them will not cause harm to her. And since they’re easier to remove than paint, etc., there’s nothing stopping you from trying a new look on her every other day.

Secondly, you can dress her in clothes that turn you on – which, by the way, can be great foreplay. Do you want her to be a naughty schoolgirl who needs to be punished? Or maybe you prefer her to be the dominant one? In this case, you may want to look for police clothing. Let’s be honest, when it comes to clothing, the options are endless. You can even buy a cosplay of your favorite fictional character and dress her up.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, there are many different designs of washable tattoos that you can purchase and wear.

Finally, if you don’t like your sex doll’s current hair color and style, you have the option of changing it with a wig. Trust us, there are so many resources available on the internet that whatever your idea is, chances are someone has already provided it in their offer.

Bottom line
The beauty of sex dolls is that you can make them look exactly like your fantasies. As you can see above, with the customization options we have available, you can really make her look like your nightmares come true – even if you already have a sex doll at home and don’t want to buy a new one, there are a number of ways you can Personalize it to your liking.

At Gosexfactory we have several dolls that can be personalized, so don’t hesitate to take a look at our selection.

Are you worried about others seeing what you buy? You don’t have to. We understand that many customers value privacy and discretion, which is why our dolls ship in a completely plain, unlabeled box. No one knows what’s inside except you and the person packaging the order.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing and don’t deprive yourself of the fun anymore. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

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