1.If my sex doll malfunctions within two weeks, can I return it?

Unfortunately, according to hygiene regulations, you cannot return your sex doll after 24 hours, especially if you've had intimate contact with them. However, we aim to ensure a great experience on our website long after your purchase. Therefore, if your doll is damaged or compromised, please contact us at, and we will do our best to assist you.
We also recommend searching on YouTube for detailed repair steps for sex dolls made from TPE and silicone.

2.Do we accept returns on our website?

Yes, we do accept returns, but only under certain circumstances. For instance, we only offer refunds for sex dolls that have defects or damages occurring during the manufacturing or shipping process. Simply take photos of the damage, provide all the details in writing, and contact us at within 24 hours of receiving the doll.

Also, please keep in mind that differences in skin tone and makeup are quite common, as our sex dolls are handcrafted. As a result, each product has its own uniqueness and should not be considered as a defect or damage. Additionally, the eyelashes and nails of the sex dolls are lightly attached, and some may come off during transportation. They can easily be reattached using TPE safe glue.


1.Can I modify my order?

We want your sex doll companion to be the doll of your dreams. Therefore, depending on the progress of your doll in the production process, you may not be able to make any changes. While we can't guarantee changes can be made once the process has started, we're willing to work with you to see what can be done. Please give us a call or send an email to

2.Can I cancel my order?

For dolls in stock at our overseas warehouse, they are shipped immediately upon placing the order, and once shipped, no form of order cancellation is supported.
All custom-made dolls are produced based on the order and are processed immediately upon receiving payment. Therefore, our customers can cancel orders for free within 2 hours. Orders cancelled within 24 to 48 hours will incur a 10% fee, as we have to cover the charges from credit card companies and the allocation of time and resources in the factory.
Once 48 hours have passed, it's no longer possible to cancel any orders, as the doll will have already gone into production, incurring significant costs.


1.How much is the shipping fee?

gosexfactory provides free delivery to anywhere in the world.

2.Where does gosexfactory ship to?

Due to legal and/or strict customs regulations, we ship to all countries/regions except India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, countries in Africa, and Thailand.

3.Do I need to pay any taxes, duties, or fees?

Import duties and taxes are our responsibility. Import taxes and value-added taxes are imposed by the local government, and we recommend checking the government website before placing an order.

4.Where are my sex dolls shipped from?

Dolls in stock at overseas warehouses are shipped directly from warehouses located in the EU and the US. Other custom orders are shipped from our sex doll factory located in China.

5.How long will it take to receive my sex doll?

Dolls in stock at overseas warehouses will arrive within 2-7 days.
For custom dolls, you can expect to receive your sex doll within 3 to 8 weeks.
Once you've selected a custom doll and completed your order, your choices and specifications will be sent directly to the production room of the factory.
Your doll will start production immediately.
After the doll is completed, it will undergo rigorous quality control testing.
Once your sex doll passes quality control, it goes to our approval team.
Your doll must receive confirmation from 2 members of our team.
We will take photos and send them to you via email for your approval.
Once we receive your approval, packaging and shipping will take up to 24 hours at most.
You will receive your tracking information within 24 hours after shipping.
Depending on your location, your doll will be delivered within approximately 3 to 8 weeks.
Please keep in mind that Chinese holidays, unexpected public health events (such as the coronavirus), and holidays in your country/region may cause delays in shipping.

6.Why does it take so long to receive my sex doll?

High-quality sex dolls are not mass-produced by high-speed machines. Instead, they are meticulously crafted and intricately painted according to your specifications. The reason for this lies in the nature of the materials used to make our dolls – they cannot simply sit in a warehouse waiting for shipment. They require care and attention to maintain their optimal condition.
So, after you've ordered your perfect sex doll, the order is sent to the factory, and the process of creating the doll begins. Your doll transitions from sculpting to hand-painted makeup and the meticulous placement of individual nails and eyelashes. Throughout all these steps, your sex doll undergoes inspections to ensure it's absolutely flawless before proceeding to each subsequent stage. Finally, your doll must pass our independent inspection and undergo a visual check by you before being shipped.

Once you receive your custom sex doll, you'll be amazed by her intricate details and absolute beauty. Only after that moment will you truly understand why it takes so much time to receive your sex doll.

7.How is the sex doll packaged for shipping?

The packaging and shipping methods for sex dolls are designed to ensure they are protected from any harm or damage. While the outer packaging is cardboard, the inner packaging is even more robust. For instance, within the cardboard box, there is a plastic container filled with foam that's precisely cut to fit your sex doll. Additionally, your doll is partially disassembled to ensure it remains undamaged during transportation.
Firstly, the entire torso, arms, and legs of your sex doll are intact. Her forearms and hands, as well as her calves and feet, are carefully wrapped to prevent them from bending or being compressed during transportation. The head of your doll is detached, meticulously wrapped, and the eye mask is removed to protect her skin and eyes. These components are secured within the foam so they won't move within the packaging. Next, hardware, wigs, user manuals, heating wands, and other accessories are placed in the box. Finally, the inner box is closed and sealed before the outer cardboard is closed and sealed for transportation.

Therefore, you needn't worry about the way your sex doll is packaged for shipping. Additionally, this box is sturdy enough to serve as a storage space for your doll when not in use, keeping her protected from dust and dirt.

8.Is my sex doll shipped discreetly?

Yes! Your purchase of a sex doll is your private matter, and each box is handled with discretion during shipping. There are no external indicators of the contents. Your courier will only be aware that the shipping box is heavy and marked as fragile.

Email Privacy Note
When gosexfactory contacts you via email, it will appear as coming from However, there are ways to protect your privacy from prying eyes! While all email servers are slightly different, there are ways to change the name of anyone emailing you. Here's how you can change our name in your email server:

Find the email we sent you and add us to your contact list.
Go to your email contacts and locate
Change our contact name to whatever name you prefer.
Click "Save Contact."

We suggest something fun and easy to remember.
Most importantly, add to your accepted email list. This prevents our emails from going into your spam folder. Also, if you expect an email from us, check your spam folder. Then add us to your accepted email list so you receive our communication in a timely manner.

9.Can I change the delivery date?

Yes, you can change the delivery date! Simply track your tracking number on the courier's website. Then, if you find that the delivery date conflicts with your schedule, you can contact the courier and arrange for a more suitable delivery date. You will need to create an account on the UPS or FedEx website. Both offer free delivery options as well as paid customization for delivery.
You can contact UPS here:
You can contact FedEx here:
Remember, the earlier you contact the courier, the easier it will be to change your delivery date and time.

10.How much does my package weigh?

When ordering a doll, take note of her weight. The larger the doll, the heavier she'll be. Then, consider the packaging material which will add about 10-15 pounds. As a result, many gosexfactory orders weigh in at around 80 pounds or more. However, don't worry - delivery drivers typically have hand trucks on their vehicles, making it easy to get your order to your doorstep without an issue.
Tips for Moving Sex Doll Shipping Boxes
Given that your sex doll and packaging can weigh 80 pounds or more, make sure you're prepared to move the shipping box indoors. You can do this easily with the following simple tips:

Enlist the help of a trusted friend.
Have a hand truck ready.
Use a dolly with wheels.
Utilize a large rolling plant stand.
Use a wheeled office chair to maneuver the package indoors.

Options and Add-Ons

1.What are the options for the doll's vaginal opening?

Our sex dolls come with 2 options for the vaginal opening: fixed and detachable. Each type of vaginal opening has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you've never purchased a sex doll companion before, read on to learn about the differences. Rest assured, no matter which vaginal option you choose, you'll still experience an incredibly lifelike sexual experience.

2.Can I customize a sex doll according to my preferences?

Yes, you can customize a sex doll to your liking. Here are some of the customization options available:
7 skin tones (free)
4 nipple colors (free)
3 areola sizes (free)
4 labia colors (free)
Regular feet (free) vs. standing feet (free)
Regular oral cavity (free) vs. enhanced realistic oral cavity ($99.99)
Fixed vagina (free) vs. insertable vagina ($49.99)
Fixed vagina + lubricant ($49.99) vs. insertable vagina + lubricant ($69.99)
No pubic hair (free) vs. implanted pubic hair ($39.99)
Regular feet (free) vs. standing feet (free)
Implanted synthetic hair ($199.99) vs. implanted human hair ($299.99)
Automatic suction vagina ($99.99)
Freckles ($49.99)
Moaning sound feature ($99.99)
Body heating feature ($99.99)
Breathing feature ($120.00)
Cleaning kit ($300.00)
Storage case ($599.99)

3.How elastic is the vagina of the sex doll?

After exploring our extensive selection of sex dolls, you might wonder, "How elastic is the vagina of a sex doll?" The vaginal opening of a sex doll is highly elastic and can accommodate even the thickest of penises, much like a real vagina. You can use your fingers to spread apart the doll's labia and stretch her vaginal entrance.
Furthermore, the texture of the vaginal insert mimics that of a real vagina. It's soft, flexible, and yet comfortable, ensuring maximum pleasure. However, since sex dolls are made from TPE and silicone, you should not force the vagina to stretch excessively, as this might lead to tearing and damaging the doll. Additionally, the labia and clitoral region of the sex doll are more delicate and thinner, making them more prone to tearing.

4.What is the difference between a fixed vagina and an insertable vagina?

Our sex dolls come with 2 options for the vaginal opening: fixed and insertable. Each type of vaginal opening has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you've never purchased a sex doll companion before, read on to learn about the differences. Rest assured, no matter which vaginal option you choose, you'll still experience an incredibly lifelike sexual experience.
The insertable vagina option differs slightly from the fixed vaginal option. However, its main difference lies in the fact that the internal vaginal component can be removed. This component resembles a long, fleshy tube, much like a masturbatory sleeve (think Fleshlight), and when removed, reveals a textured vaginal canal. The insertable vaginal piece fits snugly within the sex doll and is secured in place by the doll's labia. In terms of functionality, the detachable vaginal insert feels quite similar to the fixed option.

However, the insertable vagina is easier to clean and maintain. Simply spread open the doll's labia, reach in, and pull out the insertable piece. Then, you can rinse the insert with tap water, use a showerhead, douche bulb, or wipe it down. As a result, the insertable piece remains clean and has a longer lifespan.

Furthermore, some sex doll manufacturers offer various insertable vaginal options (sold separately) with different textures, providing unique sexual experiences. These insertable pieces can be purchased online through sex doll manufacturers, Amazon, and other platforms. So, if the vagina of your sex doll wears down, you can easily replace it if you've chosen an insertable model. Additionally, having an extra insertable piece allows you to use one while the other is drying.

5.Can I cut off the vagina from a sex doll?

It is possible to cut off the vagina from a sex doll. However, if the vagina is fixed in place, your sex doll will be rendered unusable. This is because sex dolls with fixed vaginas have a more robust structure around the vaginal canal. On the other hand, sex dolls with insertable vaginas have a larger cavity for the insertion of the vaginal piece. Therefore, if you are considering cutting off the vagina from a sex doll, we recommend that you opt for a doll with an insertable vagina from the outset. This way, you won't need to remove the vagina.

6.Can I change the depth of a sex doll's vagina?

If you are a sex doll owner wondering how to change the depth of a sex doll's vagina, we can confidently say that it is not possible to do so without causing damage to the doll. Additionally, the average depth of a sex doll's vagina is around 7.1 inches, while the average depth of a human vagina ranges from 3 to 7 inches. However, if you have a sex doll with an insertable vagina, you can easily purchase a new vaginal insert that is smaller, tighter, larger, or deeper.
Rest assured that your sex doll's vaginal depth is already sufficient to accommodate larger penises, and you can fully penetrate without causing any harm to her. Furthermore, sex doll vaginas are made from silicone or TPE, which are soft, pliable, and alluring.

7.What's the difference between Jelly Breasts and Gel Breasts?

When ordering a doll, you have the option to choose between two different breast types, along with their sizes and nipple colors. However, when deciding which breast type is best for you, what is the difference between Jelly Breasts and Gel Breasts? The distinction lies in the weight and feel of the breasts.
For more details, you can refer to our blog post about breast types.

8.Do sex dolls usually have pubic hair?

When ordering a sex doll, do people typically get a doll with pubic hair? The answer is both yes and no. It actually depends on the preferences of the sex doll owner. For example, some cultures prefer a natural appearance with full pubic hair, while others prefer a clean and smooth genital area. This is why our sex dolls offer options for no pubic hair, full pubic hair (插入阴毛购买链接). This way, you can choose the option that suits your preferences.

9.Is a standing sex doll better?

When customizing a sex doll, with so many exciting options to choose from, you might find yourself wondering, "Is a standing doll better?" The answer really depends on how you intend to use the doll. Clearly, if you want your doll to be posed in a standing position, for example, for rear-entry positions, then the standing feet option is the right choice for you.
Furthermore, if you plan to photograph your doll or simply dress her up and display her, the standing feet option can be a great choice. At gosexfactory, the standing feet option is available for free.

10.Sex Doll Storage Box

Our reinforced sex doll storage flight case is the safest way to store your sex doll. Our optional flight case locks, made by top sex doll manufacturers, ensure the privacy of your intimate moments and safeguard your doll from dust, dirt, stains, high temperatures, and sunlight. Additionally, it comes equipped with wheels for easy mobility and travel. Our flight cases are affordably priced and can be easily added to every sex doll we sell. No need to shop elsewhere.

11.Is it worth purchasing a storage box for a sex doll?

Purchasing our optional flight case for your sex doll is indeed worthwhile. It not only provides you with a private place to store and secure your sex doll, but it also offers a storage solution that...
Protects your sex doll from dust and dirt.
Prevents accidental cuts or abrasions on your sex doll.
Keeps her hair neat and beautiful.
Shields your sex doll from sunlight exposure.
Extends the lifespan of your sex doll.

Doll Types

1.How many types of sex dolls do you sell?

gosexfactory offers a diverse and exciting range of over 100+ doll categories for you to choose from. Whether you're looking to purchase a sex doll based on breast size, body type, or design, we have various categories to cater to your needs, fulfilling your every desire, imagination, and fantasy.
Alien Sex Doll
Anime Sex Doll
Asian Sex Doll
BBW Sex Doll
Black Sex Doll
Celebrity Sex Doll
Chinese Sex Doll
Ebony Sex Doll
Furry Sex Doll
Japanese Sex Doll
Male Sex Doll
Robot Sex Doll
Sexy Sex Doll

Big Booty Sex Doll
Fat Sex Doll
Flat Chested Sex Doll
Huge Tits Sex Doll
Life Size Sex Doll
Mini Sex Doll
Pregnant Sex Doll
Shemale Sex Doll
Teen Sex Doll


Under 140cm
Over 170cm


EU Warehouse
US Warehouse

2.Do you have male dolls?

We offer male sex dolls (insert link to male products) starting at $1,299. Our male dolls are of the same high quality as our female sex dolls. However, they are larger and heavier than female body types. Given the artistic and craftsmanship involved in creating male sex dolls, they are definitely worth it.

3.Are male dolls only suitable for female use?

Naturally, some may wonder if male sex dolls (insert link to male products) are only meant for females. The answer is no. Male sex dolls are suitable for males, females, pansexual individuals, non-binary individuals, and anyone who appreciates the male form. Yes, male sex dolls are created to serve as companions and sexual partners. As such, they feature erect and realistic penises, as well as fully penetrable mouths and anuses.

4.How to use a male sex doll?

Before engaging in sexual activity with a male sex doll (insert link to male products), apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to his penis or openings.
Male sex dolls are quite heavy, so you may need to stick to simple intercourse positions, having him lie on the bed.
Male sex dolls can be posed in a variety of positions.
With their erect penis, they can provide you with penetrative sexual experiences.
Male sex dolls also feature anal and mouth openings for insertion.
With the standing option, they can be posed as handsome models.
You can engage in oral sex with your doll.
If you enjoy the sensation of a man's weight on you, male sex dolls can fulfill that desire.
While these dolls can't thrust, you can ride your male sex doll in positions such as cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or sitting position. Doggy style is popular too!
They can be propped against a wall, chair, or bed for more creative positions.
Males can position them similarly to female sex dolls for penetration.
Lying in the strong, muscular arms of your male sex doll feels amazing. Rest your head against his chest and run your fingers over his defined abs.

5.Can a male sex doll be on top?

Given that male sex dolls are quite heavy, you might wonder if a male sex doll can be on top. These techniques will explain how a male sex doll can be on top:
Lift your knees and spread your legs, pulling the doll's hips between your legs and using a push-pull motion on his hips to thrust.
In the same position, hold onto his waist and push yourself onto the male sex doll.
Lie down in a missionary position and move your hips in a circular motion.
You can also be in the 69 position with the male sex doll positioned beneath you.
Wrap your legs around the male sex doll's waist or hips and use them to pull him towards you.

6.What is a torso doll?

A torso doll (insert internal link) is a smaller, partial sex doll that can be used similarly to a full-size doll. A sex torso doll lacks a head, arms, and complete legs, but it features realistic breasts, lifelike vagina and anus openings for your pleasure. In fact, opting for a sex torso doll comes with several advantages:
The weight of a sex torso doll is significantly lower than that of a full-size doll, usually around 42 pounds.
The smaller size of the torso, ranging from 32 to 42 inches in height, makes it easier to handle.
Due to its smaller size and weight, a sex torso doll is easier to store.
They are much more affordable than full-size sex dolls.
A torso doll serves as a great way to explore before investing in a full-size sex doll.
The appearance and feel of a sex torso doll are equivalent to those of a full-size doll.
Sex torso dolls also offer the same realistic sexual sensations as full-size dolls, excluding the oral pleasure aspect.

Overall, a sex torso doll provides a practical and economical option for those seeking a more compact and budget-friendly version of a sex doll.

Our Dolls

1.How long can sex dolls be used?

With proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of a sex doll can reach up to 10 years or even longer. For instance, if you use your sex doll partner frequently but don't clean her regularly or store her in hot or humid conditions, her longevity will be compromised.
Therefore, regular cleaning (insert link to cleaning kit), drying, and taking care of your sex doll are crucial. By adhering to these practices, you'll protect your investment and extend the doll's lifespan. Additionally, to provide you with a better understanding of a sex doll's longevity, there are forums dedicated to buying and selling previously loved dolls.

Considering that people are reselling their pre-owned dolls, we believe this serves as a testament to the craftsmanship and high quality of sex dolls.

2.Can I try out a sex doll before purchasing?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to try out a sex doll before purchasing. While the idea might be logical due to cost considerations, having a trial period or showroom for testing sex dolls before buying is not a practical option. However, there are alternative ways to gather information and insights about sex dolls:

Online Resources: You can find detailed information, reviews, and videos from doll owners on websites and forums.
YouTube: Many doll owners share their experiences and reviews on YouTube, giving you a visual sense of the doll's appearance and features.
Sex Doll Forums: Engage with the sex doll community on forums where people discuss their experiences and provide insights.
Manufacturer Websites: Visit the websites of reputable sex doll manufacturers to learn about their products in detail.
Adult Entertainment Expos: Some adult industry expos and events might have sex doll displays, offering a chance to see them in person.
These options can help you make an informed decision before purchasing a sex doll.

3.What are sex dolls made of?

Each doll is meticulously crafted using medical-grade silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). Both materials are popular choices in the manufacturing of sex dolls, each with its own characteristics. Additionally, we also offer hybrid dolls that combine silicone heads with TPE bodies for a perfect blend of qualities.

4.What are sex doll skeletons made of?

The skeleton of a sex doll is made from metal, featuring a complex system of joints and connectors that allow the doll to pose in human-like positions. Additionally, the metal skeleton is sturdy and durable, capable of supporting weights of up to 400 pounds for both male and female dolls. Some sex doll brands even offer enhanced skeletons that can withstand weights of up to 600 pounds.

The articulated parts of a sex doll's skeleton function similarly to those of a human. Therefore, if you move, twist, or force the doll into unnatural positions, there's a risk of bending, breaking, or damaging the skeleton. Treat your sex doll with care, but rest assured that she can handle all the rough play you give her.

Cleaning and Care

1.How often should I clean my sex doll?

Regularly cleaning your sex doll is part of maintaining your investment to ensure its longevity. However, if you're new to owning a sex doll, you might be wondering, "How often should I clean my sex doll?" The answer varies as certain parts of the doll should be cleaned more frequently. Here's a quick list of sex doll components and how often you should clean them:
Orifices of the Sex Doll (Mouth, Vagina, and Anus): Clean after each use using a spray toy cleaner or rinse with warm soapy water. Perform a deep cleaning of the orifices every 2-4 weeks using soap, water, and a sponge bottle cleaner.

TPE Face of the Sex Doll: The doll's face, made of TPE, should be gently wiped with a soft, damp, ultra-fine fiber cloth once or twice a week.

Silicone Face of the Sex Doll: The silicone doll's face should be gently wiped with a soft, damp, ultra-fine fiber cloth or a silicone-safe wiping cloth at least once a week.

TPE Body of the Sex Doll: Sex dolls made of TPE are porous and can easily absorb oils and dirt. Thoroughly clean your TPE doll every two weeks if used frequently, or once a month if used only occasionally.

Silicone Body of the Sex Doll: Sex dolls made of silicone do not absorb oils, dust, and dirt like TPE dolls do. If you occasionally use the doll, perform a thorough cleaning every 6-8 weeks. If you have frequent intimate contact with the doll, consider a thorough cleaning every month or every 4 weeks.

Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning, and use only mild, non-abrasive cleaning agents. Proper cleaning and care will help you maintain your sex doll's appearance and ensure a hygienic experience.

2.Regular Maintenance of Your Sex Doll

Maintaining your sex doll on a regular basis is not as complicated as an oil change or tune-up; it's quite simple and something that all doll owners can do. Therefore, here is a checklist of regular sex doll maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your doll in its best condition:

Keep a calendar and mark the dates when you perform maintenance on your doll. This way, you'll never lose track and skip important tasks.
Thoroughly clean your sex doll from head to toe, inside and out, every 4-6 weeks.
Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to stress points on your sex doll every three months: elbows, knees, ankles, groin, and any joints where the doll bends. Moisturize any areas where the skin shows wrinkles. Over-moisturizing can also damage TPE or silicone.
Conduct a thorough inspection of your sex doll every 4 weeks to check for loose nails, weak areas, minor tears, and any other damage.
If you don't plan to use the sex doll for a while, remove the head and hang it up for proper storage. Any storage method that bends the doll in any way can lead to skin cracking. Placing the doll on a hard surface or placing any weight on the doll can result in permanent indentations.
By following these simple maintenance steps, you can ensure that your sex doll remains in great condition and continues to provide a satisfying experience for years to come.

3.How to Remove Stains from Your Sex Doll's Skin

If accidents happen and a small amount of red wine spills or clothing and other fabrics get onto your sex doll and dirty the skin, then how do you remove stains from your sex doll's skin? This is a relatively simple process. However, please strictly follow this checklist and refrain from using unapproved cleaning products or solvents on the doll's skin.

4.What Size Clothes Does My Doll Wear?

Determining what size of clothes your sex doll wears is an important consideration to have clothes ready for her upon her arrival. Here are some tips to help you figure out what size of clothes to purchase for your sex doll.
Find Your Doll's Measurements

At the top of the page for every doll we sell, there are vital statistics provided. Just open her page and look to the right of her photos. There, you'll find measurements such as height, bust, waist, hips, and foot length. Then, compare these measurements with the size charts available on any website where you're shopping.